The four pillars around which BTC revolves are:

Formation continue


Continuous training are organized through  the Belgian Travel Academy, a dedicated training center, now managed as a key project of BTC. More than 400 trainings per year are currently offered in Belgium. Collaborations with Cefora, Forem and soon with Actiris and the VDAB make this platform a must. Currently, some 6,500 employees and self-employed persons in the outgoing tourism sector have access to it. Do you work in the Walloon, Flemish or Brussels tourism sector? Are you a student in tourism? You are also welcome. 


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Digitalization - data collection - Travel Intelligence

We are actively working on a tool to gather, analyze and inform travel agents, tour operators, tourist offices and other key players about the travel habits of Belgians, both past and future. We collect this data and compile it in order to better adapt the offer to the demand. The offer evolves every year, especially in the last few years. It is essential for the actors in the field to adapt and anticipate the demands. 

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Sustainability is on everyone's lips. All sectors are facing a climate, economic and social emergency for which solutions must be put in place. The tourism sector employs 1 out of 10 people in the world: this implies that our sector must take adequate measures to support and promote tourism, avoiding "green washing" and boycotting travel. BTC, thanks to its international network, collaborates, informs and proposes solutions that already exist or are being implemented.

Collecte des données

Certification - CERTA

To ensure the sustainability of your business, it is essential to manage it professionally. The increasing competition pushes everyone to be a good manager while offering competitive products.  To engage in the process of obtaining a quality label means to receive recognition for a job well done, both from the sector and from public authorities and travelers. BTC is offering the opportunity to obtain this CERTA label as early as 2023. The process of obtaining the label will be announced before the end of this year. 


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