The UPAV and the VVR have grown in experience and in meetings. Over the years and through successive crises, they have naturally strengthened their collaboration.

"Alone, we go faster; together, we go further".

Isn't it so?



Founded in 1937, the UPAV is the Professional Union of French-speaking Travel Agencies of Belgium. The UPAV defends the profession of travel agent and represents it at different levels, in front of the public and private sectors. Today, it has 145 members, representing 370 points of sale.



The Vereniging Vlaamse Reisbureaus (VVR) was founded in 1975 and represents travel agencies and tour operators in the north of the country. It is naturally considered as the "sister" association of the UPAV. Currently, the VVR represents more than 600 members.  This translates into more than 1000 points of sale.


The Covid crisis has shaken up the Belgian tourism sector, both for local players and for operators who work to make Belgians travel abroad.

The BTC, through the various associations it represents, is a strong voice for the industry with the government, institutions and the press. Through consultations with the cabinets, at regional and federal level and with the contribution of the captains of industry, the associations have contributed to the survival of the sector in Belgium, which had 10,000 jobs before the crisis, a little more than 6,500 today.


While the sector has some six associations in Belgium, the crisis has accentuated the need to join forces. Many files have been carried out together, and it seems logical today to confirm and expand this alliance.

Each association has its own particularities and it is important to maintain them. The BTC aims to welcome other associations active in the tourism sector, large or small, in the coming months and is pleased with the interest already expressed by the representatives of several of them.


In recent months, the collaboration around lobbying and communication has taken a new turn, with several confirmed successes.

Several files are also in development, in line with the ambitions of the current government: continuing education, sustainability, labeling of serious and qualitative actors, as well as the collection of data for maximum exploitation at the service of all. These are the 4 major projects of the confederation today.

The sector has decided to move forward, this post-covid period is a wonderful opportunity.


Anne-Sophie Snyers

Anne-Sophie Snyers



Sébastien Pauwels

Sebastien Pauwels

Project Manager


Lisa Rigaux

Orélie Ntakiyica

Training & Community Manager