La Belgian Travel Confederation publishs its first data reports during the Brussels Holiday Fair on Feb, 2, 2023

PubliƩ le 02/02/2023

The Belgian Travel Confederation (BTC) is publishing its first report - "One pager" - on February 2, 2023, on the occasion of the Brussels Holiday Fair. In addition, it announces its first quarterly report of in-depth analyses of the Belgian market, available from February 10.

In addition to the continuing education program, which is running at full speed under the aegis of the Belgian Travel Academy, and the CERTA 2023-2024 label, which has been available since November 13, it is now time for a third project to be launched: Travel Intelligence. 

What to expect from this first quarterly report? 

A free "one pager" summarizing the key elements of the Belgian travel sector as a whole (see attached), as well as a 40-page dossier - for a fee - analyzing the evolution of the Belgian tourism sector as a whole over the last five years and the two years to come (2017-2024), firstly through all channels, and secondly through the organized market, through the trends identified by our agencies and tour operators. 

This detailed report will first of all enlighten you on the state of our companies, their evolutions, and their positioning by region. 

Then comes the heart of the analysis in the form of a comparison between the global market and the organized market and the answers to the questions :  

Where does the Belgian go on vacation? What type of traveler is he?  What do they spend? For what type of trip? How do they get there? How do they book their vacations and business trips?

The third part gives an overview of current European projects and what we can expect from them/projects in which we are involved.

It ends with an analysis of the trends announced by several confirmed sources (EU, Euromonitor, WTTC, ...) for the coming years and recommendations.

We would like to thank the Travelnote clients who have accepted to share their data anonymously, thanks to whom we have been able to analyze the trends of the organized market over the past years and the state of bookings at the end of January 2023. They will receive, in addition to the attached free report, a summary of the selected trends, an interesting tool to position oneself in the organized market.  

You are a tourism actor in Belgium and would like to know more about the complete report? Contact us at 

We also respond to more specific requests. 

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